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MMR Vaccine Litigation

Are you a former MMR Vaccine Litigation claimant? You may be entitled to compensation.

Lloyd Green Solicitors are investigating possible professional negligence claims against the claimant lawyers in the MMR Vaccine Litigation. The investigation has been ongoing for several years and concerns a range of issues including: (1) failure to commence legal proceedings in time; (2) failure to advance allegations concerning the MMR brands containing unsafe Urabe virus strain.

The MMR Vaccine Litigation was brought under the Consumer Protection Act 1987. Under this Act time the limits to commence legal action are by reference to the date the producer supplied the vaccine (not the date of vaccination or alleged injury).

In 1992 two brands of MMR vaccine containing the Urabe mumps strain were withdrawn from use because they were considered unsafe.

The law and rules for claiming damage for personal injury and clinical negligence changed on 1st April 2013 Read more…